Avert the Ten Errors While Choosing Donor Database

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Selecting the perfect donor database that supplies you with neat information, firm

reports and satisfied employees is not an easy task. Given below are some simple

points that can be kept in mind to avoid the regular blunders that a company makes

while picking up the best donor database for themselves.

Permitting Software Experts to take the final choice – Although the earlier days saw

technical experts making all the decisions regarding donor database and even driving it,

it is now not advisable to let them make the final choice. It would be good to get

feedback from each and every level of your company that include end users,

management and the various departments as well as from your fund raisers.

Make a Budget and Spend Wisely- It is imperative that you calculate how much you

can afford to invest before shopping for the database and also ensure that you will be

able to make their payments regularly without fail.

Best Quality at Reasonable Rates – Even though the pricing is very important, you

also have to make sure that it is ideal for your requirements and is compatible with your

resources. Settle for a donor database that helps you to have good control on financial

support programs, organize your solicitations, and keep a record of your results.

Just Glancing at Demos Randomly – Idly browsing through software demos is not the

most ideal way to select your software. It would be a good idea to get referrals from

other firms and also get quotes to compare before the final selection.

Falling Flat for Cool Features – The vendor is sure to stress on their positive aspects

that may seem really good to you. But you have to be alert and make sure that these

aspects are customized to your needs and requirements.

Wanting to Please the Vendor – Do not blindly purchase anything just because the

vendor seems really nice as he will only try to sell his product regardless of whether it is

apt for you or not.

Purchasing More than You Require – Make sure that you settle for a database that is

tailor made for you and never buy anything that has too many features that are of no

use to you.

Muddling Hi tech software with Software Experts – If you settle for multifaceted

software, you need hi tech professional that can handle it too. New software is not a

solution for poorly trained staff, mismanagement and low communication.

Expecting the Database to get installed automatically – It is imperative that you

have experts to see that the donor database is installed properly.

Hoping that the database Will look After Itself – Being under the impression that your

software does not need to be maintained and will fend for itself is a big blunder. You

have to spend quality time to ensure that it is running smoothly at all times.

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