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Json Data

JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation, a light-weight format in which data can be easily exchanged. Reading and writing JSON can be easily comprehended by users. It strongly bears resemblance to a division of JavaScript syntax, even though it is not a firm division. It is helpful for creating JavaScript programming language-based app, which includes websites and browser expansion.

JSON is able to characterize numbers, Boolean, strings, even null, and arrays that is known as well-ordered series of value and also objects for string-valuation.  It does not ingeniously stand for difficult data types such as, functions, standard expression, dates, and many more.   If user wants to conserve these values, the only way is by converting values in serial order, or prior to awarding serials, for enabling JSON to symbolize extra data type. JSON is a text formatter which is completely and purely self-sufficiently made language; however it makes use of other principles which are much more recognizable to programmers and developers of C and many other similar components of this family of languages, Perl, C#, Java, JavaScript, Python, C++, and various others. These characteristics formulate JSON data as an ultimate data-interchanging language.

JSON is mainly constructed on 2 basic structures:

  • A group of name/value duo. In a variety of languages, this is comprehended as objects, records, structures, dictionary, hash tables, keyed lists, and as associative arrays.
  • A well-organized listing of values. In most part of languages, this is comprehended as an array, vector, list, and also in the form of sequence.

These are some of the available widespread data structure. It makes sense that a data format which is interchangeable with programming languages are also based on these structures.

Some of the exclusive reporting software vendors that use JSON as a link to their data source are:

JSON-RPC 2.0 server

It is easy and an effective java framework that processes JSON-RPC 2.0 request and notification and even responsive messages. It accomplishes all this with the help of message context passing. The JSON-RPC 2.0 server framework works by corresponding to the traditional handler pattern.


Windward also maintains JSON data report generating. Windward has supplemented JSON reporting in its comprehensive list of companionable data sources. Now, it is possible to take active data directly from JSON without any rendering, and can directly plug-in for reporting and documentation.

BIRT reports

Now it is easy to design BIRT reports with the help of JSON, by using it as a scripting dataset.


Combining any with Docmosis is simple as they make use of organized web APIS. Access Docmosis employs SOAP and RESTful web services incantation with XML or JSON data.

Zoho reports API

Zoho reports API gives permission for exporting data and reporting in JSON format.

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